I’m Stuck in Alaska

I’m stuck in Alaska for now. Hey guys, my name is Frazier and I’m from Chicago, il. and excepted a job from an ad posted on a job site. It was just what we were looking for to change where our family lived. We have kids in their lower and pre-teen ages and thought Alaska would be a safe place for our group of five.
My work is in trucking, and there seemed to be nothing negative about the trucking company I could find online. Later I found out that being in Alaska also means escaping a lot of scrutiny than being in the lower 48. I applied for the job and was accepted almost immediately. I spoke with my manager and supervisor and everything looked good. I made sure I went over in detail everything to do with equipment, salary, benefits, and promotions. Everything was acceptable and they were firm in their descriptions of what I could expect when I arrived in Juneau.
They knew I was relocating my family and starting over in Alaska. We pulled up roots and arrived in Juneau in August 2021. It has been the worst nine months of our lives. The job description was nothing as described just after two weeks and our equipment suddenly got replaced. Now I spend too much time breaking down, causing me to miss shipments and pay. I can’t get promoted with this equipment and there seems to be no solution. With the cost of everything going up and gas at $4.47 and diesel at $4.90, they may have to lay off. Not to mention that parts for our trucks are slowing down.
My advice is to make sure you get it in writing about the salary, benefits, equipment, and promotions available to you as a new hire. If you don’t get in writing you may be stuck in your Alaska like me

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