When I’m Fired What Can I take Home From Work?

Where were you when they fired you?

When I’m fired, what I can take home from work is a question with many answers. I frequently receive comments and questions about the protocols surrounding being fired from your job on the spot. If HR comes looking for you at work, you could be in the restroom, at the gym, getting on an elevator, or just eating in the cafeteria. You may then be approached and discreetly informed of your termination. They will then notify you that they have orders to escort you immediately from the building. This can be quite jarring, going from working at your desk to being escorted out of the building in moments. It takes a moment to gather your thoughts and realize it’s real, especially because the security guards are not smiling.

Don’t Panic Until There’s Reason

Now comes the part that can be confusing. The security team will attempt to escort you out of the building as quickly as possible. However, you may need to inform them that your keys, purse, wallet, and clothing are at your desk, along with some personal items. This is where you find out the severity of your firing. They will take you to your desk and only allow you to carry keys, wallet, purse, and visible clothing needed to wear out of the building. They will not let you take your computer if you use it for work. Based on this type of firing, you may assume you are suspected of something other than simply being late too often.

Things Are Not As They Appear

The other reason for this treatment could be simple and not a result of any wrongdoing on your part. Information stored on your computer from your former company is proprietary and subject to copyright laws. Companies can and will delete sensitive and proprietary information from your laptop computer files. In this case, you should make arrangements to pick up your items at a later date. If you have items on your desk or computer that should not be there, you could be subject to appropriate responses from the legal department.

Tips To Adhere to At Work

Our team at jobcareercritic.com recommends treating your workplace as just that, a workplace, and only bringing items that are necessary for you to carry out your daily assignments. NEVER use your personal computer for work projects, as you run the risk of having your entire life exposed to your bosses. It doesn’t have to result in being fired, but rather a simple, spontaneous audit. If they insist on keeping your computer you don’t use for work but have with you, there may be a problem, so leave it in your car or at home. If you do bring it to work, be aware of the liabilities connected to bringing it to work.
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