Online Job Searching Tips and Tricks

Simple Ways to Make Finding a Job Online Easier and More Efficient

Getting Online

Finding new jobs online can be pretty stressful for anyone, no matter if they are currently employed or starting from scratch. Many job seekers search and apply for jobs online, but the immediacy of applying online can also mean a lack of record keeping, forgetting to keep track of where applications went out, or not spending the time to find important contact information. Keeping online job search efforts organized from the start can make looking back and finding important contact information or dates much easier. Additionally, a few simple job searching tips can make the actual job search process more efficient and less repetitive feeling.

Job Search Tips and Tricks

Searching on job sites such as ours, or a state- or city-run employment listing is a great way to go, but should not be the only approach. Just about everyone else is also doing this and these sites also often require searchers to slog through many unrelated listings, or set up a search filter. In addition to search sites, come up with a list of ten to twenty businesses and write them down. Check out the employment listings directly on the websites of these businesses. Looking directly at a business’s employment listing sometimes gives extra info and often has the job posted before it goes up on the general search sites.

Use Techniques To Help

One of the simplest and best job searching tricks is to bookmark important pages. Create a new folder under bookmarks and title it something like “Jobs” or “Employment Pages.” Having a single folder to go to instead of a general bookmarks list will keep any online job search focused. Bookmark the actual employment pages for businesses or institutions, along with general job search sites. This creates a quick and efficient way to simply go to the bookmark folder, click down the list, and look at job postings on a personalized list of businesses and resources. Doing this takes a matter of minutes per day and allows job searchers to keep close tabs on new postings.

Keep Track of Job Applications

Another easy job searching tip is simply to keep track of applications. This takes a little extra time, but helps job searchers hold onto valuable contact information, dates, and status information. Any word processing or spreadsheet software can be used (even pen and paper). Make the following column headings plus any others relevant to one’s personal search: Place of Application, Date Applied, Contact Name, Contact Number/Email, and Status. Especially for job searches that go on for longer than a month or two, having this information recording can help keep track of which applications are still out there.

Any job search should maintain an air of formality. This means that while it may be easy to open a .pdf and fill it out quickly and shoot it off into the cyber ether as an attachment on an empty email, this may not be the best way to go about it. Online job searches should still involve a cover letter. If not requested, a short note in the email (if needed) to which the application is attached is a great way to add a touch of thoughtfulness to an application. Find out who to address cover letters to with a simple phone call or email to the appropriate office or human resources department. Keep track of this information with a personalized table and set up bookmarks to make each job search efficient and focused. Here are some additional tips to make your search easier with our FAQ list of things you should know.

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