The Art Of Misinformation Using Bait And Switch

How Employers Lie To Unsuspecting Job Candidates

The Art of Misinformation about Benefits and Perks associated with a new Job has to be looked at with scrutiny and stopped immediately. Recruiters only have so much they can do after you are hired, and cannot make changes to a company’s policy that’s different from what was described in brochures sent to recruiters. We at Job Career Critic are dedicated to stopping this practice of bait and switch because it disrupts the livelihoods and the futures of countless workers and their families. Some companies will tell you anything necessary to get you to work for them. Why more workers don’t organize and make companies stop this practice of baiting Job candidates and not telling the truth about their companies. They must not be allowed to continue disrupting the lives of hard-working men and women who only want a decent life for their families.

Here Is What Happens

I drive a truck and went to work for a company that advertised all kinds of wonderful benefits, a progressive pay scale and they just purchased new equipment, this Job was too good to pass up. During my first week, I was driving an almost new vehicle just like they promised and the hours were also as they said. You know what is meant by the “Honey Moon” period where everything is good and then comes reality. My third week was a nightmare with multiple breakdowns and a loss of hours due to bad equipment, and the new trucks that were on the way were a lie. The progressive pay scale and other perks were also a lie. I quit the job after 4 months and unfortunately went through a similar situation with my next Job also.

You Can Fight Back

This practice is prevalent but there are ways to protect yourself from these unscrupulous practices of bait and switch. This link is to an article written by Jennifer Pinto and gives you ways to spot bait and switch employers. Unfortunately, if you don’t know anyone who works at the company you may want to invest some time and gingerly approach someone when everybody gets off work in the parking lot and ask questions about what you were told and see if it matches. The only other way is to start working and keep alert for signs listed in her article.

Let Us Help You

My suggestion is to widen your search at and upload your resume and take advantage of our free CV packages and express yourself to a prospective employer so they can get to know you. Also, ask questions now because it’s too late once you have moved your or your family to a new location only to discover they lied about the Job. I also think Unions are a way to clean up this mess or let some government agency step in and monitor the practice of bait and switch. The well-being of workers lies in the balance and an employer should not be able to misrepresent what they offer to someone who is hired.

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