Noni Juice Health Benefits

                                           Noni Juice Health Benefits

Noni Juice health benefits: Recently I had a conversation with a new Doctor of mine and for the first time, I brought my entire Bag of medicine and supplements I take. I thought it was important for this doctor to know everything about me and my body so a proper assessment and plan for my medical future can be intelligently made. This doctor is well sought after and I had to wait a long time to get a visit I wanted to lay it all out. Some people hide what they put in their bodies and this is not helpful in the long run for your health.

So I pulled out my eighteen containers of medicine and 12 supplements for her perusal. The doctor’s response was restrained but dismissive of some supplements with condescension. I didn’t expect to get any approval for any of these non-FDA products. Even if the doctor approved of these supplements they can’t endorse them for various reasons: any product a doctor endorses is their responsibility if you are injured by a product they endorse; “All” administered drugs or medicine must go through FDA testing, period full stop; all drugs and medicine come from plants which are the basis for supplements. If plants, the origin of all medicine and drugs, are allowed into mainstream medicine they would compete with doctors themselves.

So my doctor gave me some advice on my supplements that I will adhere to when I re-supply. She said to get the pure substance and avoid the fillers.

M. citrifolia is a tropical plant with a long tradition of medicinal use in Polynesia and tropical parts of eastern Asia and Australia. One of its favorite uses is the treatment of painful inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. The analgesic activity of Noni fruit puree on mice was investigated using the hot plate test. A 10% solution of freeze-concentrated Noni fruit puree in the drinking water of mice reduced the pain sensitivity comparably to the central analgesic drug tramadol. This effect was only partly reversed by the application of the morphine antagonist naloxone. An alcohol extract of noni fruit puree also caused an inhibition of MMP-9 release from human monocytes after stimulation with LPS. This effect was comparable to hydrocortisone (10(-5) m). The findings suggest that preparations of noni fruits are effective in decreasing pain and joint destruction caused by arthritis.

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