Corporations Are Duty Bound

Corporations’ Duty To Stockholders

Corporations are duty bound to produce a profit for their stockholders come hell or high water. They pursue an objective rarely swayed by moral, ethical, or humanity arguments unless it lessens or limits their profit. Corporations forge ahead like an underground rock crusher used to bore through solid rock to make tunnels like the ones used for trains going through mountains. With them, it doesn’t matter if people are victims of famine, disease, sickness, disabled, or dying from their quest for profit. Greed is their mother and avarice their father. They are always looking for innovative ways to make their stockholders a dividend because corporate heads’ jobs depend on rising profits. These corporate heads and their boards are lavishly rewarded millions of dollars for jobs well done, and they are some of the most ruthless men and women on terra firma. The shapes of schemes corporations use to make a profit are many, and some are subtle and hard to detect, but they sometimes wreak havoc on populations in pursuit of a profit. They now have hit the mother load of all schemes, which cost them nothing but some phone and text agents. They hire just enough to ensure long wait times are made possible because of the meager salaries paid to agents. The main ingredient is engaging offshore phone agents with accents you can barely understand, and the most critical part is the offshore phone agents’ inability to understand nuances that are specific to Americans and their understanding of the language. Confusion, angst, frustration, anger, and misunderstandings get more confusing the more you explain to someone who needs the work and never wants to say they don’t understand you because of the consequences of admitting they are as lost as you are with trying to make sense of a twisted and arbitrary rule. They are trying to justify that makes sense. This scheme is a diabolical genius. It’s genius, and its name is Frustration subtitle fatigue. We here at hope this article will help our readers to better plan their travels

Frustration And Delay

This entire scheme of delay and discontinuation frustrates you, just as waiting twelve to thirteen hours in lines for certain areas discourages Black people from voting. However, because Corporations are duty bound to make a profit methodologies must vary. Corporations are aware that people will make errors because people aren’t perfect. All they do is design systems with some slight website modifications to attach mistakes, time, and subsequent frustration to maximize profits. They have algorithms revealing a certain percentage of the population, especially the old and forgetful, will create errors that can be solved by two means. Either spend excessive time waiting on the phone, sometimes stretching into long hours and sometimes days. One of the most frustrating experiences comes after waiting 35-40 minutes and going through the identifying process, and you found out this is the wrong department. Now you have to begin the process over again. Once, I was on the phone for three hours being transferred to three different agents, only to hear the phone hang up because the call center was closing. So now I have to start over again the next day. They know what they are doing because most working clients don’t have the time or patience to repeatedly repeat the same facts about their issue to four or five different agents.

Compartmentalization Of Bundles

I recently booked a bundled trip with Priceline for airfare, hotel, and rental car. I tried to cancel my bundle but Priceline was no longer involved and I have to call Frontier to cancel with them. Frontier said it was possible, but the cancellation fees exceeded the flight cost! So I decided to keep it. One week later, I tried to change my return flight’s time, so I called Frontier and had to wait for twenty minutes. Fifteen minutes into waiting for an agent, I was already on my itinerary and saw a button indicating I could change or cancel my flight. I attempted to change the time of my return flight, but according to the agent, I managed to cancel the flight. Understand this happened about three minutes before the agent came on the phone. He asked how he could help me. I told him I wanted a later flight time because I wanted to stay for the dinner party for my brother’s 50th wedding anniversary. He checked and said my flight was canceled, and I explained I was trying to get a later flight. I told him it was only five minutes ago, but it didn’t matter because he was prohibited from making any changes without a charge. He then got insulting and unprofessional by raising his tone to intimidation by telling me I should have waited until he came on the phone and it was my mistake I lost my money.

So I was now without a flight and lost my money also. I decided to go to Midway Airport to talk with someone from Frontier. The ticket agent told me the supervisor might be able to help me because it was not in her power to make the specific changes I needed based on my ticket type. The supervisor would be with me in twenty to twenty-five minutes. She showed up one and a half hours later. Her name is Savannah Johnson, and she was understanding of my problem. She said she would issue a memo saying I should get a refund. She indicated I would have to call customer service and have them activate my refund. I thanked her and left Midway; that was a mistake. I should have not trusted a person who’s aware of the Corporation’s duty-bound platform.

Consistency Does Not Exist

I arrived home and called Frontier customer service and spoke with John #webh30395 and gave him my information, including the supervisor’s name. His response was tart and firm when he said, “sir, the supervisor was incorrect about a refund.” According to the rules, I cannot get a refund, and if I wanted to talk with his supervisor, I would have to wait for one to two hours. Long waiting lines are no accident, and it happens hundreds of thousands of times a day with all kinds of reservations worldwide for some of these corporations. Then to wrap it up and he could get me off the phone I was told if I wanted to cancel the fee would exceed the cost of the ticket. That means if you cancel your flight you may receive a bill asking for additional fees for your cancellation.

So I was undeterred because these schemes are contrived; they must be executed just as planned in board room think tanks. Just as in football, sometimes the execution is not always carried out precisely when someone fumbles the ball. In football, the opposing team keeps the ball if they recover the ball. Corporations hide behind ten-page fine-print agreements that only come to light when the consumer makes a mistake. Corporations have made the rules that indemnify them from mistakes they make.  It’s all about knowing the algorithms of patterns that are inescapable because they are learned habits or activities built in and are hot-wired into thinking. In Alaska, fishermen catch salmon by using sizeable wooden paddle contraptions that form a circle. As the fish go by the paddle they are pushed into a container and await their faith. This trap is always close to shore and is only effective for fish who choose to swim on the edges of the river during the mating season because the shoreline feels safer. Most of the salmon are in the middle and are never in jeopardy of being caught. It’s the same principle with the predatory behavior of corporations when they know where the stragglers are going and are waiting with some of the most restrictive rules they have in the book; confiscation. Corporations making a profit is out of hand.

T-Mobile Sales Team Will Promise Anything To ge

I signed up for phone service with T-Mobile on or about August 25th, 2022, and was sold on getting their 5G internet service three weeks late on a 14-day free trial. A  phone and store agent said I could reduce my internet bill by $30 monthly if I applied for the ACP program. Yesterday I went to T-Mobile to fill out forms to get the $30 rebate I qualified for and put in an application. I talked to on the phone with eight subsequent agents and didn’t find out I was not eligible to get the discount with T-Mobile internet service until I spoke with the ninth agent. After being told by phone agents for T–mobile I needed to go into the store to facilitate my needs I was then told by store agents that only customer service could help me. I did this for two days and finally, the ninth agent told me I could not get the $30 discount. This lie was part of a sales pitch. The truth is to get the $30 monthly rebate it must be done with an affiliate of theirs called Metro by T-Mobile.

I went to their store and spoke with Jennifer and she began to help me. I was told by her I must have phone service with them to qualify for the $30 discount. I explained I just got phone service with T-Mobile about a month ago. She informed me these were the rules and that I must open an account with Metro by T-Mobile. It meant I had to pay off the phone with T-Mobile and begin fresh with Metro by T-Mobile. I told them I had internet service with T-Mobile and was informed I could not use the 5G box I have and had to use their new box. I agreed to all and was given a new account with Metro by T-Mobile with a brand new box. When I asked why my charges were so hi to start the service, I was told $75 was for the purchase of the equipment. I was furious to learn in order to get their service you have to”Buy” their equipment. I asked what am I supposed to do with my box at home that was only a month old. She respectfully shrugged her shoulders and said she wasn’t sure if they would take it back.

So two things stick out here that speaks to a high level of corporate greed; the same company has walled itself off from itself in order to give the impression they are two separate entities. This is done all the time with corporations but it’s usually done when they sell different products. The parent company name is rarely seen in the name of the affiliate as is with Metro by T-Mobile. They are using T-Mobile’s SEO for attraction but when it comes to business they pretend they are strangers in the night.

So again I got had with this trickery that’s emblematic of corporations’ pursuit of profits. However, this use of scaled-down phone operators facilitates the need for sub-gridlock phones waiting for consumers. The cherry on top of this grotesque money-grabbing policy is the random application of the rules and regulations therein.  You never speak to the same representative to have some sort of continuum with solving your problem Instead what you get are different agents with different opinions or more knowledge like the ninth agent that informed me I could not use the $30 discount with T-Mobile despite being told I could. I went to T-Mobile’s Ashland ave. store at least ten times over four weeks and only spoke with the same agent once.  Yesterday for the first time I saw the guy who sold me the phone, I was not aware of the level of penetration corporations have made since I traveled last, and I will get verification for each transaction I make with them. If you can’t get their promises then don’t commit. I can guarantee the next agent will have a different view and the dance begins yet again.


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