Being Vetted For A Job You Need

                                   Be Professional Act professional

Being vetted for a job that you desperately need to accomplish some goals in your development as a consummate professional is no small task. At Job Career Critic we want you to excel at the top of your profession because you are driven to succeed. When you start your checklist of job skills needed to compete for the very best paying jobs in your field never lose sight of your objective. Be scientific in your approach and diligently explore every aspect of your field. Delve into some areas that are on the periphery of your field just to be conversational. This will indicate to those doing the evaluation that you have curiosity which is a vital ingredient for those wishing to move up the success ladder. Once you get to the top you will find nothing but motivated focused professionals in residence.

                                 Be Exceptional When Interviewing

Every recruiter is looking for that Unicorn but will settle for someone who is professionally oriented and can get the job done. Job Career Critic understands the variety of clients who come to our website and leave their resumes. We have a saying “We Have The Job That You Fit’. What that means is there are many ways to get the job done and you just have to match people with the job. More importantly, there is no one way to get the job done. You will learn as a professional you find a way to “get the job done” period, full stop. There are no excuses! If you plan properly and always have a plan “B”, always. Let recruiters know a job without a plan B can be suicidal because perfection can be planned but unforeseen issues do happen, that is why Murphy’s Law exists. Never admit to being perfect but explain you always seek to do the perfect tasks.

                                                             Understand Who You Are Talking With

A recruiter is not your confidant or career counselor while you are being vetted. These are words from a NY Times article that goes on to explain some steps you must keep in mind during the vetting process. The recruiter, like you, is trying to examine whether his skills can discover your valuable assets for his company. You are of major concern to any recruiter because their reputation is also on the line if you are hired. Understand this metric and you will then understand the need for you to study your subject (job type) and everything about it for your interview. We have many blogs regarding these matters at to make your job search and interview productive and streamlined.

                                                                        Stick to the facts

Focus is an asset, when you are being vetted, more than any other you may add to your repertoire to make you successful. Most of us have the talent to do many jobs, but we lose our focus, distract, and lose interest. Make a plan based on facts and logistics and outline your objectives and focus on how to carry out each component of your plans and always compartmentalize them. They should be in chronological from first to last in your execution. There should be an algorithm of sorts to make each component flow in sync with each other. Be ready to discard items in your queue if they are not needed. If you obtain your goal and our hired before you can use all the items in your arsenal then shut up and just smile. In the car business salesmen talk and talk. However, they are trained to listen and when you say “Deal” they stop talking and start writing. Do the same when you hear the words you’re hired. Start smiling give a handshake or fist bump, then leave. Good job hunting from

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