Welcome, this is an open forum for Employees, and yes, Employers too, to express whatever you are feeling about the Workplace. If you want to have your voice heard, this is the place! We only ask that you keep it as civil as possible. There is a lot to be said, both Good and Bad, about where we work.

You usually can't mention anything about your feelings at work or with other workers at your Job because it could get you fired. We won’t fire you on this platform, and you won’t get in trouble. JCC encourages you to tell it all and tell it loud. Our goal is to maximize our understanding of the conditions we work in in the hope of improving the relationship between Employees and Employers. In this environment of learning about each other's perspectives, everybody wins.

We hope this will be the place you come to let the WORLD and Employers know about your concerns at your workplace. We also want to hear about all events where you work, including picnics, weddings, promotions, hirings, company outings, and other fun things at your Jobs.

Employers, let your workers know your side of the story!

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