Writing the Perfect Resume for your Dream Job

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Resume writing is not always the easiest job in the world, nor is there any set blueprint for writing the perfect CV that will work for all industries. But one thing is for sure when it comes to applying for new job opportunities, and that is that your resume will speak volumes and is the very first impression your new potential employers will see, so you need to ace it if you are to have any success in speeding up your job search.

Job recruiters receive hundreds of resumes and tend to ignore the ones who don’t stand out and make an impact at first glance. Thus, it is extremely important that you take the time to make your CV as appealing and interesting as you possibly can by starting it off strong. List the required skills needed at the top right after your introduction, where you explain to them, in an entertaining way why you’re the perfect candidate. Your introductory paragraph is the most important part, so try to keep it interesting to ensure that they want to take a look at the rest of your resume.

Once you’ve completed your introduction, explaining why you’re the best person for the job, you immediately want to bring the skill they’re looking for (and you have) to their attention. Whether that be being a critical thinker and problem solver, or having XYZ qualifications required of applicants. Make sure that they can see within the first few minutes why they would definitely want to invite you for an interview.

The rest of your CV should remain just as interesting and impressive, but it’s those first few minutes of the recruiters reading it that matters the absolute most. Draft a few different versions if you have the time, and ask a friend or family member which one they think stands out the most, or which one they find most impressive. You can always judge this yourself too if there’s nobody close to you which you can ask.

Although your resume should feel and look very professional, you should always remember that is an actual person, just like you and me who will be reading it. This person, the recruiter is likely bored with their job, so anything that stands out, entertains them or even make them crack a smile is very likely to get you an interview. We tend to forget that when writing a resume that we’re dealing with humans and not robots, by using overly-complicated wording and sentence structures when setting up our CVs.

Write in a conversational, yet professional tone and you can’t go wrong. We wish you the best of luck and hope you land that ideal job you’ve always been looking for. We here at Job Career Critic are here to help provide you with as many options you need, so feel free to have a look around, make use of the filters to narrow down your search and find your dream job today.



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