What Is More Important Your Family Or Your Job?

By April 7, 2020 No Comments

What to do!

  Can someone shed a light on how to perform your Job when you are so worried about the Corona Virus infecting me and by implication my family? I love my Job and have fought tooth and nail to get this promotion which took considerable time and suffering to land. What are the metrics needed to determine if this Career is worth the risk? Should I consider changing professions to one that is not so dependent on supervising workers all day long?

     I have been able to rationally analyze most problems that confront me and challenge my innovativeness and I have succeeded more times than not. Solvable problems are what my Job is all about. I supervise 18 workers a day on my Job and have coordinated as many as 40 when other supervisors were absent. I know what everybody’s Job entails and what personnel is needed to perform the Jobs throughout our office. This is the same approach I am using to determine the best course of action to solve this crisis I find myself in with this Job.

      We have workplace protocols set-up for every worker before they can start to work to help mitigate the close contact we find ourselves in daily. However, my dilemma is centered on if I am getting the correct information about the virus. But the most important aspect of this crisis is leadership from the top. The President has said, “I don’t like delivering bad news”. His interest lies in what makes him look good for his reelection in November. So, information is suppressed or dressed up to make it seem like he’s doing a good job. There is no one in control of combating this disease whose only cure is distancing from other HUMAN BEINGS. I get the feeling the President has adopted the position of everybody for themselves. It has contributed to a state of panic and pandemonium in this country, which has contributed immensely to my present Job and Career decision I have to make. So I have this dilemma with my Career and the responsibilities that have as a leader in my company. My company depends on me to get the Job done no matter what. As I said before I love my Job and fought hard to get and keep it. However, there is no greater love than my family. Keeping them safe is priority number one.  

       I thought sitting down and writing this piece would help me find a solution to this choice of Job or safety. But I am even more perplexed than when I began this exercise. However, now I have more material to deal with and will make a decision soon about my Job and family.



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