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We are not responsible should be the logo for THC Cannabis Center located at Wester and 13th. St. in Chicago is a great place to shop and the products are good. The place is great but I think their success is causing them to lose the good customer service attitude experienced every time you come through the door. However today they douched me when I reached out for assistance with a ” Notice of Incomplete Application”. I called 10/7/2020 at 5:00 pm and explained that someone did not send my information in. I was told to hold on someone would be “right” without. 9 minutes later I’m still waiting and then it hung up. I called to complain and again I was put on hold for about 2 minutes. I was told the guy was still busy, mind you, it’s now 17 minutes later from the time I called, she comes back in about 2 minutes and implied that “maybe you didn’t bring in all your documents”. That’s strange because I applied for Medical cannabis and you Must have accompanying documents to qualify. I was applying for a discount card that requires information from SSI. Anyway, I decided to scan my missing documents and email them myself to the DPH in Springfield, il. At least I know they got them.


They truly don’t care because of the money being made. Patrons need to start reporting them to the proper authorities.

You are not going to believe what just happened at this today 10/09/2020 at 1:00 pm. These very nice at THC are cordial as can be when everything goes right but they disappear when you have a problem. They refuse to help me more documents to IDPH so I did it myself I was notified by IDPH that I didn’t qualify for the reduced rate because I was not disabled. when I called THC it was like being in the middle of a David Lynch movie. I called and told them what happened and they immediately ‘REFUSED” to help me in any way. I explained they processed my application when it should have been clear that I didn’t qualify. I asked a very hostile and Super evasive guy named Conner (that’s all he would tell me and I asked several times. he wouldn’t tell me his title) why did the take my money and paperwork if it was faulty. Get this answer, I swear on everything dear to me he said this, “we didn’t take your money or paperwork. we just process it.” he would not help me in any way shape, or form. He told me bluntly “we are not responsible for anything.” So beware of their smile because as soon as you are out of sight it leaves their face until the next victim comes in. Stay tuned and you can read more on my website’s blog. I’ll tell you what happens with my complaint with IDPH and the State of Illinois Department of Financial Responsibility and The City of Chicago’s Consumer Complaint office just down the street from them on Ogden.

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