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  The first law of survival is to understand the terrain you‘re on. The second is to gather the equipment needed to navigate the terrain. Know the sources you use for guidance and make sure you have many sources to rely on. Be realistic about your timeline, based on realistic and objective criteria and not overly optimistic projections of a successful strategy. Planning for the unknown is vital because of the uncertainty of the future. Then there must be an end game where everybody gets back to work at jobs that are vital to the survival of our economy and our Democracy. When it is safe we will all come out and resume our lives and do the things we all did before. The only ones not present will be the unfortunate ones that were in the vanguard of this virus and didn’t stand a chance. The other missing people will be the defiant ones who followed someone, seems like nature always produces them, who is ill-informed and leads others who are the same.,

Although the final results of this terrible pandemic, and the cure for the virus, are far from being eulogized it has become clear the virus has certain characteristics that are related to a family of the cold/flu-like infectious elements. These characteristics have been talked about and studied to the best of our limited ability knowledge at this point in time. There are various studies of the airborne ability of Covid-19 and the length of time it’s viable to transmit on different surfaces. Covid-19 particles are primarily transmitted through saliva droplets from talking, coughing, or sneezing. It has been shown that these saliva droplets can linger in indoor air for 15 minutes. The only proven way to survive this virus is to isolate indoors as much as you can and if you have to go out for provisions you must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Once you return it is mandatory to wash your hands with soap under hot water.

As soon as possible you must gather everything that will help you survive a siege. You must think of what was used in all of the survival movies you’ve seen. Food, water, candles, batteries, toiletries, cooking utensils, clothing, and cleaning supplies are a must. You need to stock up on all those things you love to eat and make sure you have the things you need. You can’t depend on items being in stock when you need them because supplies will be exhausted. However, the main reason for overstocking is so you don’t have to go outside and risk getting exposed and then spreading it to others.

Information is key to the success of this venture. Know your sources and equip yourself with alternate sources of news and information. This is not the time to get involved in politics because of its inherent shortcomings of ideology with an enemy that draws no lines. These sources will determine when you make your decision to come out of your sanctuaries of safety. If you take the word of someone who has a benefit of “getting things back to normal” you may risk all you have sacrificed to achieve. Timing is everything when it comes to sticking your head up to test and see if the bullets have stopped flying overhead. One of the signs is the absence of gunfire. In the case of a Pandemic, it’s the number of deaths and infections. If they are both declining you may begin to plan a gradual emergence from hiding. Those who come out too soon risk the chance of catching the virus but also of sparking a new wave of this virus that will be worse than the one before. Contact Department of Homeland Security at www.dhs.gov to get the latest on what is happening with the virus.

Plans must be in place to restart the workplaces so employers can call their employees back to their same jobs. When we are back to work, and the government plans ahead for the next round with COVID, our lives will slowly resume its former form. If nothing else this virus has made it abundantly clear Americans love their jobs. Careful consideration must be given to the reemployment of workers. There is nothing that will clear out a workplace than for someone to get an infection while doing their job. The fear of infection could set off another round of people afraid to come to their chose careers because their job has become too dangerous to show up for work. The time and convincing it would take to get a spooked workforce back could be a daunting challenge for employers

This challenge we face is unprecedented but one that can be resolved by using your common sense. Sure we need the money to make it all work n this country. The thought of the Government stepping up to the plate and providing a long-range funding plan for workers and businesses until we can get back to being a productive country again is the solution. The government must think outside the box and think about the long haul and what is best for the country and not what is best for their reelection. If politicians want to be reelected they during these terrible times they should put overt efforts to finding a cure for this dreadful virus. There is not a political position in this country, of job, that they would be denied. Fix this problem and step up and get the political career you want.



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