The Importance Of A Positive Attitude At The Workplace

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In studying what it takes to maximize the productivity of a work environment it has become apparent, the “What”, is a subdomain to the “Why”. The workplace environment must be optimized to get the most work out of every employee. Some of us know we have the best jobs in America, some think the world, and are happy to go that extra mile for the jobs we love. But alas, there are some who have the best jobs but are not willing to go that extra mile to make their jobs the best in America. This is why the “Why” is so much more important than the “What”. This is according to the Bureau of Labor  Statistics when they researched why some employees were willing to stay late or work at home after work. Experts say the “Why” is evident when they factored in the workplace environment into the equation. 

Most experience employers know what their employees need to do their work and are proficient in making sure everybody has what they need to do their jobs. But they scratch their heads when their flow charts and graphs are deficient at the end of the month. They haven’t figured out the main ingredient needed for an optimal productive workplace is High Morale.

It is human nature when someone believes they are an important integral part of something that they make work to put something extra if it’s needed. Employers must have in place some mechanism that says we need and appreciate your effort. A simple act of having a system that encourages employees to make suggestions about what they think could make the workplace environment operate better in some way. There is no perfect workplace environment in existence, so consequently to get feedback from those on the frontline is extremely important. The fact that they have a voice that’s heard is immeasurable in terms of how empowering that makes them feel like they are truly a part of the company.

Engaged employees that have the best jobs in America, and throughout the world, prosper when they have a Positive Attitude. It’s the Positive Attitude that causes an employee to stop and turn off the lights; pick up a piece of paper; report wasteful practices; makes sure there is another roll of toilet paper in the bathroom; stays and work late to get the job done on time. It’s the Positive Attitude that makes employees develop the character of doing what’s right even when no one is looking. So Employers start investing in learning what it takes to promote that Positive Attitude work environment to have the Best Workplace in America. There is no substitute for understanding what makes your employees tick. It doesn’t matter how small or big your company is because if you have workers you must know who they are and what it takes to get the most productivity out of them. However, that will never happen if you don’t figure out the Why. When you figure that out you will have a happy workplace environment for your employees.



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