The future of skills and jobs!

By March 18, 2020 No Comments

There have been numerous discussions, studies and surveys going on related to the future of jobs and skills. There is uncertainty prevalent in the market, more than ever before. We all know that there is a fear constantly rising related the automation and excessive advancements in AI ((artificial intelligence). There is a common perception that in the near future, many of the jobs would simply be wiped out and substituted by the robots which are a clear and certain threat to the human workforce. This common anxiety of losing job and cost-cutting is quite rampant this phobia of being exploited at the hands of automation isn’t new at all, rather, this has been there throughout the century. Going a step further, we could witness this very same fear when this was first caused due to the disruption of the industrial revolution in Great Britain. Apparently, a large number of workers were replaced by newly invented machines. But as an established historic fact, technology and advancement initially may seem like a threat to the workers, but in the long run, it just creates more jobs for masses. We might not be certain that this would be the same this time again, but all we know for now is that policies would still be made by humans and not robots or AI.

When we dig a bit deeper into the story we realize that automation is merely one aspect, there are many other aspects too that impact the whole scenario. These factors are changing demographics, urbanization, globalization, inequality, political uncertainty, and climate change. All of these factors are kind of linked to each other, they interact with each other and resultantly also impact each other. Urbanization and globalization are the factors that are directly or indirectly causing climate change. Both these factors are generating avenues for the green economy and its need. According to surveys, the green economy is producing jobs much faster than the jobs being lost at the hands of the polluting sector. Investments in the green sector are intertwined with the policies of the state and government.



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