Some helping thoughts for job seekers by professionals.

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It is the year 2020 and if you are resolving to start a new job as the very first one of your professional career, or you just intend to make a simple switching from one job to another. Well, you better be very well prepared to ace the interview no matter how splendid your academic credentials are because the analysts are predicting that the first half of the year could be a bit hard on the businesses across the world. This is because of pandemic Covid-19, which has upended the world’s economy. Here in this article, we would be discussing dos and Don’ts of a job hunt and interview. Being optimists we would rather say that these could only be the points that you never heard before so better have them in your good knowledge.



The first and prime step should be focused on detailed and comprehensive research before you finally land there on the premises of the company. Study the company in advance and know who you are going to talk to, what they do, how they do it, and never try to fake it as they would always catch up with it. Analyze what they are looking for, ask yourself do my qualifications and experiences align with their needs, and how exactly would I be able to add value to the company? For them, you are just a random number no matter which background you come from and how excellent and ace of a student have you been throughout your academic career. You want to spell out for them what exact value could you add to the company.   


Be prepared to answer numerous whys!

Once the recruiters have your resume in their hand, they are certainly going to ask several whys like why did you switch from X to Y, why you think you are worth this position, why did you make this decision etc. So you certainly need to be very well prepared to answer each “why” that is coined your way. Deal it tactically and amicably and DO NOT panic at all. Getting nervous is pretty natural for all, what matters is that how one deals with this situation. So prepare the answers to all of these obvious questions in advance.


DON’T overthink or over-rehearse.

If you behave like a robot who is having an inbuilt software programmed to answer all common questions and you would be lacking the spontaneity, this would imply that there is no genuineness to this whole practice, and would ultimately fade away the interest of the interviewer. This could also imply that you are not at all comfortable sitting in the interview and answering the random questions. And they would always catch it up. Also, don’t go with the most common catchy lines like I am good at Microsoft office, I am a team guy, I am a leader, etc. Better come up with one single thought-provoking quality of yours, that could add value in one certain way. This would be a more authentic way of getting you counted.



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