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Vulnerable Seniors in The George Collins Apartment need some help iwith vital necessities that are being actively denied to us under the disguise of HUD’s 202 mortgages. The 202 mortgage is in a class of mortgages that allows the holder to “opt-out” of many safeguards that are mandatory in all other HUD mortgages. The mortgage holder of a 202 knows he can rip out any “luxuries” seniors may have, when they assume the new mortgage, as a cost-saving measure. More importantly, in this slum dwelling, they are exempt from instituting any cost producing projects that would take away from their bottom line.

I understand the need to find building managers for properties in geographical locations that may not be that desirable. I know the stigma section 8 recipients receive when they are looking for a place to live. Moreover than not, many building managers/owners prefer non-section 8 tenants because they are of the belief that section 8 tenants will cause too much damage to their property. So HUD in it’s desperation to locate needy tenants allowed the 202 mortgage class to be created in hope of solving the housing shortage problem. As in most cases there is a side effect to their decision to allow 202 mortgages. This side effect comes along at a time that Seniors wanting decent living conditions. These decent living conditions are not allowed at George Collins Senior Aparts in Chicago.

When you are the holder of a 202 HUD mortgage you don’t have to, do well-being checks on tenants who are suffering from a plethora of ailments that come with aging; no social activities are planned anymore; no coordinated effort to see if tenants are aware of what they should be doing to stay safe; having 24/7 security that checks visitors identify who want to enter the building with extremely vulnerable citizens; not fixing infrastructure that has fallen after some roofing work was done; allowing tenants in studio apartments who want a one-bedroom apartment after being on the waiting list for twelve years. All of these items listed are allowable under a HUD 202 mortgage. Imagine taking building a home on a piece of riverfront property and not owning a boat. Why would HUD allow managers to opt-out of providing seniors with life-saving essentials that should be mandatory?

What is extremely stressful at George Collins Apartments is the fear we live with on a daily basis. I have a piece called the “George Collins Blues”. I detail what it takes to safely leave the building to go out for essentials. This building has 196 apartments and only 92 parking spaces. Practically all of us have homemakers that assist us with things we can no longer do without some degree of difficulty. Because of COVID-19 I personally have not seen my homemaker in 3 months. Many residents who live at George Collins Apartments are illiterate, senile, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and a host of psychological issues. The homemaker was the linchpin for determining if seniors needed some outside intervention. Homemakers are required by their employers and the law to inform authorities when seniors have exposed vulnerabilities. Without someone checking on seniors daily the smell, we inhale around here all too frequently is the notification that something is wrong. With all of the inequities being heaped on Seniors, nothing is being done! Who said it was ok to mistreat the men and women that did their fair share of getting this nation to where it is today.

Is there someone out there that can help us. We have a wonderful alderman, Byron Sicho Lopez and our senior building orginazation assisted heroically by The Jane Addams Senior Caucus, but it is not enough. Wneed someone who knows HUD’s minimum requirement for supplying this building with resources needed for a safe building for it’s residents. Help us because it get lonier and lonier as you age and nobody cares anymore.

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