Part Time Job Careers Are Down The Road

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As traditional full-time jobs with benefits decrease, the number of part-time jobs are on the increase. According to Chris Isidore CNN’s article entitled “Say Goodbye to Full-Time Jobs with Benefits,” many employers are hiring temporary and contract workers rather than offering full-time positions with benefits. Isidore states that in 2015 the United States government estimated that 31 percent of the workforce was “contingent” workers, and experts state this number could increase to 49 percent or higher in the next ten years.

There are some positive attributes for people who work a part-time job. A lot of people aver that part-time jobs are a lot less stressful than full-time jobs. Most employers also offer flexible hours to part-time employees. Some people who work part-time also find it an ideal situation for returning to school and spending more time with family.

Part-Time Job Search

Many people have found rewarding part-time job careers. According to AOL, the best part-time jobs are pharmacy technician, accounting firm partner, dental assistant, home healthcare aide, receptionist, library assistant, product demonstrator, child care worker, personal trainer and physical therapist aides. Some companies that hire part-time workers even cover health benefits. AOL’s article written by Mary Lorenz, “Companies That Give Benefits to Part-Timers,” states companies like Starbucks, Whole Foods, REI, Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom, Lowe’s, Lands’ End, Nike, Cost Plus World Market, and JCPenny offer health benefits for those who work a specified number of hours or at least half time each week.

People can begin their part-time job career search at CareerBuilder. Job seekers can search for part-time job positions on Career Builder by keywords, location, and job type. Monster also lists part-time job listings on its Web site where people can search by location, keywords and job type. Simply Hired also has part-time job listings for part-time careers.

Job applicants should be sure to put in as much effort in their part-time job resumes and cover letters as they do for full-time positions. A lot of times job seekers take a casual approach to the process of finding a part-time job. This attitude can prevent hiring managers from taking a job applicant seriously.

Part-Time Freelance Jobs

Many people who look for part-time job careers consider part-time freelance work. Despite the unpredictable nature of freelance work, there is a high demand for freelance workers. Paul Keegan in the CNN Money article entitled “Financial Planning for Freelance Workers,” states as full-time positions are vanishing in the last six months of the current year, employers are hiring more freelance workers. Keegan goes on to state that since freelance work is considered self-employment, freelance workers should be cautious about organizing their budgets and paying taxes.

There are many different types of opportunities for freelance jobs. People find freelancing work as writers, editors, tutors, career coaches, translators, programmers, and designers. One of the best places for people to find freelance jobs is Elance. Elance connects employers with freelance professionals. While freelance workers have to provide for their own benefits, the higher wages earned from freelance work usually offsets the costs.

Part-Time Job Careers

Finding a part-time job and freelance work are two of the main ways people deal with a tough economy. A part-time career can be a more rewarding and practical choice especially for those who are finding it difficult to find full-time work.



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