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Often, people recommend that those seeking work experience and exposure should offer to volunteer for organizations with respect to their career goals.

While volunteering is an excellent addition to one’s portfolio, the world can do with a little more love and a bit more help. Volunteering does not always pay the bills. It may also limit the scope of one’s experience. However, many people have landed fulfilling job roles through the volunteering opportunities they utilized.

In a study carried out by The Corporation for National and Community Service between 2002 and 2012, it was discovered that of 70,000 jobless people involved, those who volunteered had a 27% greater chance of getting a job than those who did not.

Volunteering can help you secure a job

  • First, volunteering provides you with the opportunity to make an entrance into your industry: Through working pro-bono for an organization in your field, you will gain access to network with people in your field that may help kick-start your career.
  • It also helps you gain the sound knowledge of the workings and processes in your industry: It gives a clearer insight into the operational procedure and prerequisite experience for you to ace an interview if need be.
  • Volunteering also helps build your skills and capacity: The exposure you get from volunteering develops you and prepares you for a job role. It increases your efficiency and in turn, your value in the face of prospective employers.
  • Working as a volunteer is another way to explore a different path in your career. It further avails you of the flexibility you may not get from a full-time job. For instance, you may choose to commit in the long-term or short-term or to work full-time or part-time.
  • What’s more? If you have your sight on a specific organization but find it challenging to get in, volunteering is one way to establish your presence there. The combination of patience, hard work, humility, and connecting with the right people might well land you your dream job in your dream organization.



  • Take your time to decide where you want to volunteer: While many organizations may need volunteers, choosing the right place to volunteer is essential. If you have an organization, you intend working for someday, you may start there by applying as a volunteer, or you volunteer in a similar firm. You should also consider the skills you intend learning and the capacity you intend building.
  • Be open with your intentions: If you have an interest in getting a paid position within the organization you are volunteering with, it is a great idea to keep the manager informed from the onset. In doing so, the manager is aware is aware of your intentions and may consider you or give you top priority when there is an opening. Likewise, when you apply for a job opening within that organization, inform the manager on time.
  • Be patient and willing to learn: The reason you should volunteer in an organization you like, and in a role you admire is that having to work without pay is not always an easy decision. To make the most of your volunteering opportunity, you should enjoy what you do and whom you work with. When people notice your passion, commitment, and humility, you may get recommendations to land a job.
  • Carry out your duties professionally: Since you have a goal in sight, you should maintain professionalism at all times, imbibe the company’s culture and build your network to the top.

Very importantly, take on tasks and show interest in working closely with the top managers, even as a volunteer. Find yourself a suitable place to volunteer, work hard, make yourself an asset to the company, and it becomes much easier to get into the organization and secure the job of your dreams.




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