How Promotable Are You?

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MotivatedWhen looking for a new job or career online, you need to assess your readiness for an internal job change. Consider each of the following statements that apply to you and see what your future boss might be looking at.

I consistently outperform my peers.
Others consider me a team player.
I serve as a mentor to others.
I work just as hard when I am not being observed.
I avoid criticizing others behind their backs.
I offer appropriate recognition to others.

I take responsibility for problems and work to solve them.
I willingly follow company policies and procedures.
I rarely have personality conflicts with others.
I do not allow personal problems to undermine my productivity at work.
I motivate others.
I have a good working relationship with my boss.

I demonstrate flexibility in the face of organizational change.
I maintain an enthusiastic, positive attitude.
I look for ways to meet budgets and reduce costs.
I can be relied on to meet my deadlines.
I am a good listener.
I communicate clearly and in a timely fashion.

I regard my performance reviews as vital opportunities for learning and growth.
I am willing to take reasonable risks.
I do what I say I’m going to do.
I use common sense when making decisions.
I look for opportunities to “go the extra mile.”

I make a regular effort to familiarize myself with the big
picture, understanding the needs and problems of other departments besides my own.

Rather than focusing on what my boss can do for me, I look for ways that I can
help him or her. For example, instead of merely pointing out problems, I work to come up with possible solutions.



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