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How eBay Keeps Your Refund


Beware of e-bay because if you have a problem with these shaky vendors you may not get your money back like what happened to me. I wanted to buy a fire stick and the vendor who took my money never sent me my firestick I complained and e-bay said my money was guaranteed so I went along with it. Then I saw another vendor on e-bay and they had a better price for firesticks so I ordered 4 for $79.00 plus tax. Wouldn’t you know it this vendor was bogus also so I cancel with them at the first chance e-bay allows you to cancel? That was July or Aug 7, 2020, in the meantime e-bay refunds my initial $21.00 for the original firestick order but somehow conflated the two, even though it clearly has two different prices, and now have closed my case despite at least 8 different emails and tickets. Now they are ignoring my request for a new ticket and I’m am out of $81.00. the gift card I used to purchase these items has expired.



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