CITY PLANNERS ARE GUILTY OF NEGLECT

I don’t know how so-called City Planners could not see this snowball barrelling downhill making all kinds of noises that someone should have planned better for. The old problem of profitability causes ethics and morality to ebb away for the sake of profits and it is in full force in Chicago thanks to HUD and their #202 Mortage Option. The high road of putting together a comprehensive plan to situate Seniors in the best housing that includes all the accouterments needed to make their life both comfortable and secure. That view changes when it comes to Seniors and Housing in Chicago’s George Collins Apartments nobody cares if it’s not profitable. The scourge of profitable neglect must end. At the crux of this nexus of profitability and slum housing must be breached for the sake of Seniors everywhere.


World War II ended in 1945 and there was a surge of babies born between 1945 and 1962 that has been a population bulge that has been marketed for 70 years selling everything from diapers to baby carriages. we have been the most-watched and an anticipated group of people in World history. Trillions of dollars have been generated by baby-boomers spending and paying taxes all the way. Now we are only seeking some respect and dignity to live out our final days, however long they last. All we ask is that well-being and safe housing be paramount for residents in senior housing.


Hud has allowed the ominous practice of allowing owners of Senior housing to “OPT-OUT and exclude certain services that are mandatory in all of HUD’s property. The operators of #202 property can neglect things like well-being checks, providing for activities like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s day, the fourth of July, and many other activities that are not present in #202 buildings. So what happens at George Collins Apartment in Chicago we do absolutely nothing to entertain the residents or provide for different trips around the city. Seniors have the need just like anybody else for companionship and camaraderie and socializing. It seems all George Collins Senior Apartments is a place to come and die. Your spirits will never be lifted here.

                                      OUR ALDERMAN IS OUR ONLY HOPE

We have one source of hope in our neighborhood of Pilsen and that is Alderman Byron Sicho Lopez of the 25th. Ward. He has been our champion in trying to get the operators of these buildings to assist residents in our plight to demand better housing conditions for Seniors. I don’t want to leave out The Jane Addams Senior Caucus and Kira who have worked tirelessly in pursuing legal and personal involvement throughout our plight. The operators of this building we Seniors live in have been particularly resistant to doing almost anything that is going to cost money in an ongoing fashion. Winn Companies, managers of the building, only want to make some cosmetics changes and not provide us with some long-term needs. We have no “Well-Being” checks for a “Senior Citizens” Building. Think about that for a moment. You manage a building full of residents who are elderly and no consideration of the needs that come with housing people with varying degrees of disability because of old age.

                                                       NO MORE OPT-OUT’S

This neglect is not done in a vacuum. It is meticulously planned and calculated to operate at the very less budget as possible because it is allowed when you have the Opt-Out #202 mortgage. The need to upgrade the standards for this mortgage is muted because the residents of these buildings are poor and mostly Black. We need help from the public to air out our claims of mistreatment by the hands of HUD’s #202 Opt-Out Mortgages.


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