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JOB CAREER CRITIC Is The New Place To Find Careers And Jobs. We Find The Company That You Fit, Not The Other Way Around. We put Your Career Needs First.

Brian Rogers is still in the transportation industry as we write this page. His story is like most workers who are tired of going from Job to Job because HR people purposely misrepresented what their company was truly about and once you start working at the company you find things were not as described in the brochure or the pre-employment orientation meetings. After working there for a while, you find you can’t put up with the Job anymore and you quit.

So Brian had the genius to create Job Career Critic a place where Job Candidates can find Companies that fit them and not the other around. The focus is on the Candidate because if you find the right Job you tend to stay at that Job longer. Brian wants you to know the profile of the company you are applying for a position for so you can make an intelligent decision for your career. Understand how Brian thinks he looks at Jobs for you as if he’s applying himself. Rest assured every Job applied for at jobcareercritic.com has been vetted and powered by us or ZipRecruiter.

Job Career Critic looks at Companies and other Job sites a little differently. They evaluate you to see if are the right fit for the company. At Job Career Critic we Critique the company to see if it’s the right fit for you. Brian uses a proven method of exposing the pros and cons of past Jobs.

Once he has evaluated them he gives a star rating making it easy for you to choose your next Job with confidence you made the right decision. Why start a job, that doesn’t fit, only to result in changing to another Job 1 year later? Get that Dream Job at JCC and you may find a lifetime career.

Someone said “if you do what you like for a living, you will never work a day in your life. I believe it’s true. Think about what you like to do and work towards a goal of mastering what you like and you will never work another day in your life. We have those Jobs at Job Career Critic.

Good searching,

Brian Rogers, CEO

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