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Brian Rogers was riding home from work one day frustrated about an unfair decision rendered by his boss. He knew he was right and was told so by other employees, but he was powerless to do anything about it without losing his job. He needed a way to tell people about this injustice because he knew he was not the only one suffering from bosses such as his. The platform Brian started for workers who think they were treated unfairly and want to tell their bosses anonymously is called Job Career Critic. This is where workers can find new and more rewarding jobs. Next, he created a platform where workers can express their grievances called The Critic In Everyone. This sister site is connected to JCC and you can post videos, chat, join groups, and let the world know your frustrations or praises about your jobs. We welcome Employers to chime in also because there are always two sides to every story. Just be respectful and try and discuss your issues without too much passion, if possible, and try and get each other to see what the other is feeling. Have fun with friends and family and have enjoyment at work. These are trying times for our country and the template for jobs and their location is being revamped with some workers permanently working from home. We at Job Career Critic understand how challenging the times are and will always keep you informed of the latest Job and employment trends.

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