A Forced Career Change May Be the Perfect Time to Pursue Your Passion

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Pursue Your Passion

A Forced Career Change May Be the Perfect Time to Pursue Your Passion

The range of emotions that people feel when they hear the words ‘you’re fired’ are many, and few of them are good. Still, there may be a silver lining. If you’ve ever considered making your hobby into a full-time gig, an unexpected departure from a long-held job may be the perfect time to make this idea a reality.

Those with a tendency toward cynicism and worst-case-scenario lines of thinking should fight these natural reactions with all their might. Forcing oneself to look on the bright side after the shock of being fired wears off is crucial to a professional rebound. One way to bring some light into your life is to begin thinking about the next step as quickly as possible. Consider that the next step may be starting a business centered around your passion or hobby; it could be the most liberating decision you ever make.

Get Over the Blues ASAP

Monster knows what they are talking about when it comes to careers, and they advise that a recently-terminated professional start over as soon as possible. The fact is that most people are not fired because of their own incompetence or shortcomings. Still, it can be impossible to separate being fired from an overwhelming sense of failure. The initial reaction will be rough, without a doubt. But reorienting your perspective and realizing that wallowing and self-pity do us absolutely no good should be a conclusion reached sooner rather than later.

Forbes advises how to get fired like a pro. In short, this means restraining yourself from acting out in a way that will be considered hostile. Life is not always fair, but burning bridges with your former employer is the surest way to sabotage your future success. Instead of putting your energy into grievance, put it toward your next career opportunity. For many, this should mean considering starting a business or career based on your inner calling — the thing that brings you true joy. The most obvious way to do this is to find a way to monetize your hobby.

Can Your Hobby Become Your Career?

Not all hobbies will be suited to a career. (Good luck monetizing your penchant for playing Dungeons and Dragons on the weekend!) However, many of us engage in pleasure activities that may be more suited to a full-time business. Time lists photography, crafting, fitness, video creation, and home improvement as some common hobbies which lend themselves to full-time employment and entrepreneurialism.

If you have an eye for spotting homes and/or properties that are hidden gems amidst a crowded marketplace, you should consider starting your own real estate agency. Acquiring and flipping properties that you consider to be diamonds in the rough has turned many a recent free agent into a millionaire. Of course, you must limit your expectations, especially at first, but this is one career that should be considered if you think you are suited to the task.

Getting Started

Once you have decided upon a hobby or passion that you want to be the platform for your business, take some tangible steps toward your ultimate goal. debunks some common myths about starting a business that have deterred many a potential business owner before they even get started.

All hopeful entrepreneurs need to conduct ample market research to determine if their concept is worthwhile. While a business plan is one of the earliest steps in getting started, don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress. In fact, you may want to start out by simply updating your resume to reflect your new career path.

Another thing you’ll need, regardless of the type of business you choose to pursue, is a website, one that’s both informative and easy for clients/customers to use. Aside from finding a reliable web hosting service that can ensure your site does everything it needs to do, you need a good developer to help you build a top-notch site. The best place to find web developers is on freelance job boards like Upwork. When vetting candidates, look for developers who are skilled in JavaScript frameworks (e.g., Vue, React) and content management systems (e.g., WordPress, Squarespace).

One universal word of advice is to use all of the resources at your disposal. The internet, friends and colleagues, and local business owners are all potential wells of invaluable knowledge. Don’t be afraid to reach out, even to strangers. Asking for advice should not be beneath anybody, especially a first-time business owner.

Thinking of a termination as a potential opportunity is the key to success. Likewise, thinking of your hobby as a potential business may be the first step in the professional fulfillment you have been seeking. Get over your post-firing blues first. Then, consider whether you want to start a business, and what it will take to turn your passion into a full-time career. This line of thinking could prove the path to personal and professional happiness that your other careers never stood a chance of providing.



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