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There was a time when this country stood head and shoulders above all countries in the world. We were not admired because we are a rich country. We were admired because of the principles we stood for that were embodied in the longest-lasting document in human history called The Constitution of The United States of America. Our values were manufactured all over the world and we gave countries, and indeed humanity, hope that a better day was coming and they too could have a Democracy as we have. There was a time when we believed that no amount of money in the world was worth one life. Our ethics and morality were unquestionable and we were loyal to our friends and we turned a cold shoulder to dictators and tyrants.

My friend is a worker at an Iowa packing meatpacking plant and is terrified of having to go back to work and risk catching the COVID-19 virus. He has a family to support and is in desperate need of money to fund their existence because he’s the only working. Has this recurring nightmare of dying and wondering what would happen to his 2 little girls and his wife and aging mother.

He was going to apply for unemployment compensation but the President and Governor put the brakes on that with executive orders to indemnify the meatpacking plants from damages that would occur if workers are stricken again. The Governor tied the other end of the string by disqualifying anybody who refuses to work. This is what happened in Upton Sinclair’s 1906 book called “The Jungle”, about the harsh and deadly treatment immigrant workers were forced to endure in Chicago Stockyards and other meat processing plants around the country.  The results were as equally deadly stemming from unsafe work conditions that were prevalent throughout America. Why would the President and Governor want workers to choose their lives or their jobs? To this day he does not know what he’s going to do and it’s taking its toll on him and his family.

We have lost our way when the greatest country on the planet can’t inspire its citizens to ride out this COVID-19 storm for at least two to three months. Americans just need the truth about what they are facing with this virus. Americans can muster up the grit needed to get the job done. This virus does not know when the next election is or what state is blue or red because it kills regardless. It is still on the rise in many places and it will spread more until we get a vaccine. This President must stop connecting the cure to COVID-19 with the upcoming elections and let the scientist tell us when it’s safe to return to our jobs. If we start back to work too soon like Singapore and Germany, because of our bigger population, and the virus strikes again it will be worst than before. America has a population, 325m, and has infinitely more places with populations that most of the world does not have. Additionally, now you got a spooked workforce that will not come out for a longer period of time to go back to their jobs.



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