Veterans Feel Proud Of Your Service To Your Country

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I never joined the Army because when I and my brothers and I were given a 1Y classification status that put us to the back of the draft line. So I never fought in any wars. However, I have many friends that fought and died in wars since the Vietnam War. I drove a Bus to Casinos for about ten years and had as passengers Veterans of WWII and the Korean wars. I have spoken to them ceaselessly about every aspect of the war, with one exception, and this I find is universal, they don’t talk about combat activities. Therein lays the crux of the problem. There is a need by them to talk about their experiences in war but it’s too painful. This pain is what taunts them on those sleepless nights.

There is an article written in 2015 by Libby Perl, called  “Veterans and Homelessness”  appearing in IRL School publication. In this article, it talks about the reasons for the homelessness of Veterans directly linked to their issues with how they handled the wars they fought in. I have listened to and studied most veterans of wars problems of integrating back into family life and the wider problem of integrating back into society and finding jobs to support themselves and their families.  Some have taken it on themselves to personalize what happened on their tours of duty as something that is of their doing. The truth is that those of us who never went to war can consider ourselves lucky to not have to parse every little that thing that happened, decades ago, under circumstances that few of us can grasp. The only thing we can do is to show some empathy and try to understand the weight these veterans carry on a daily basis. War is made of many components and sometimes the wrong thing happens.

Veterans need for employment is paramount to their successful return to a normal and productive life as they had before they went to war. Their need for jobs and a new career is what gives them the confidence they can contribute to society as they always have. Some get Jobs to find solace in their work.  Occasionally Veterans have to deal with a lingering and ceaseless reliving of past events. But with employment, they are in a better equipped to cope with these thoughts.

 Few of us realize the trauma the brain suffers when it is exposed to prolonged hyper events. Our brains are not designed to experience events that war entails. Because of this prolonged exposure, to death and destruction and doing untold things just to survive until the next day, yea it can take a tremendous toll on the human psyche. However, veterans need to know is none of the things that happened on their tours of duty was different then what has happened in wars since the invention of the spear and shield. The object of war is to destroy your enemy. There is no other way to stop a war without having to inflict casualties plain and simple. The only component that has become a necessary component for civilized societies, that understand they will engage in conflict from time to time, is the need for rules on the battlefield. So there is a handbook for the Rules of Engagement that most nations acknowledge that was adopted in Geneva in 1948. This doctrine tells soldiers what and how to kill on the battlefield. Most soldiers adhere to these rules but like any book of rules they don’t cover every situation and young men will do irrational things. However, it’s all where your heart is at the time of any event. Where your heart was is an important factor. Another is age. This can’t be overlooked because it is the main ingredient that has caused Veterans to have these errant thoughts about what they did 30/40/50 years ago. If we had this knowledge at 18 years old we all would have approached everything differently. The hallmark of every successful war machine is the recruitment of young men between 18 and 22 years old. The Armed forces know they are able to mold the character of young men better than someone who has developed their own identity. So you have young men making life and death decisions, and they don’t even know who they yet.  

So veterans need Jobs and careers they can use to make themselves whole again. Employers should take into consideration what many Veterans have to go through on a daily basis. The employer should look at Veterans as employees that need understanding too, like all of your employees.

We promise to assist Veterans in any way we can to find that Job here at jobcareercritic.com. We have not forgotten you and your service to this nation!



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